Choose the proper transmission oil for your Toyota transmission

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First off… There are a few well known shops that continue to fill up the E-series, S-series and C-series with GL-5 oil. This is really really bad for the long term life of your gear box.

There are not that many oils left that are GL4 only.That is why everyone recommends Redline MT90. It is one of the best and does a really good job of lubricating the Toyota gearboxes.

Lightweight Shockproof…
Warning – Avoid use with pumps, coolers, and filters as unique medium and affinity for metal can cause clogging.
Designed for wet sump transmissions and differentials with splash lubrication.
The C-series and S-series are splash lube while the E-series is pumped and has a cooler.

Same with Super lightweight shock proof.
Avoid use with pumps, coolers, and filters as unique medium and affinity for metal can cause clogging.
Designed for wet sump transmissions and differentials with splash lubrication.

Syncro with GL5 coating

You can see in picture number 1 a MR2 E153 syncro that has used a GL5 oil. It is black. It should be a shiny brass color. As the syncros do their job, that layer is a self sacrificing layer, and as it is pulled off, it pulls a micron of brass from the syncro. That adds up and before long you are having to spend $1000+ on a E153 rebuild. Shops love that.

That layer does have a good side. It makes used up transaxle seem good again. That is why so many unqualified people rave about using the wrong oil in your gearbox. It makes it shift again without grinding. Instead if fixing the original problem, you now have cost yourself even more money as almost everything will need replacing in the gear box.

5th gear E153

Good E153 5th gear syncro. Bright yellow brass. No GL5 coating.

I endurance race a E153 transaxle.

I have tried the GL4/GL5 Lucas 75w90.
It works good. A bit thick in the cold mornings. seems thicker than Redline.

I spoke with Lucas reps at the Charlotte N.C. race car convention in February 2015. They said the following – You CAN’T and SHOULD NOT run the 100% Lucas 75w90 trans oil in the E-Series. Even though it says GL4/GL5, it is NOT designed for our cases for the same reason why you don’t use LWSP. You have to water it down with another Lucas oil, and I am getting their tech folks to get me that info. I’ll pass it on once I find out.

So, bottom line.
The people that make the oils, they have told us what to use, and what not to use. They say DO NOT use 100% GL5 oil. Syncromesh is also an oil to stay away from in our boxes.

Do your own research. Just don’t go by info you find on the Internet alone. Contact the companies that make the oil. They will tell you exactly what you need to use. They want your gearboxes lasting, their reputation depends on it.

RockAuto Close Out Cheat Sheet

MR2OC Rock Auto Clearance Feeds

1984 Toyota MR2 – 4AGE1985 Toyota MR2 – 4AGE

1986 Toyota MR2 – 4AGE

1987 Toyota MR2 – 4AGE

1988 Toyota MR2 – 4AGE4AGZE

1989 Toyota MR2 – 4AGE4AGZE

1990 Toyota MR2 – 5SFE3SGTE1991 Toyota MR2 – 5SFE3SGTE

1992 Toyota MR2 – 5SFE3SGTE

1993 Toyota MR2 – 5SFE3SGTE

1994 Toyota MR2 – 5SFE3SGTE

1995 Toyota MR2 – 5SFE3SGTE






1995 Toyota Matrix XRX – 2ZZGE

1995 Toyota Celica GTS – 2ZZGE

1995 Toyota Camry – 2AZFE1MZFE3MZFE

2010 Toyota Camry XLE – 2ARFE2GRFE

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How to convert your Toyota 3MZ electronic throttle to wire and TPS

Click here to see how I did this simple conversion.  The link is to my facebook page

2015 Racing Strong Toyota MR2’s. Two cars = twice the fun


A few early announcements for 2015! First off we are building another car. A 1992 Toyota MR2-GR will join the #79 MR2 GTv6 in ChumpCar, WRL and AER racing events in 2015. The new car 179 will be powered by a 275hp Toyota 2GR-FE V6.

Zipline Welding Booms and McKibbin’s Irish Pub Montreal will continue their support of RSm cars in 2015. Lincoln Electric will again be our official supplier of welding equipment. will be the official RSm OE used and new parts supplier. is now the official brake supplier for the Raybestos race brake pads. New for 2015 we have inked a deal with AutoMeter to supply race winning gauges so my drivers can keep up to date on the condition of our V6 engines. will be supplying the needed parts to complete the monster motor swap into the MR2 chassis. Moroso will again be supplying oil products from Accumulators to Aluminum Oil Pans.

Racing Strong will again be working along to develop new and exciting products for the Toyota Mr2 that are race proven. A new big brake system using Toyota / Lexus OE parts and custom Raybestos pads is just one of the new systems that will be available soon. is now the official RSm race and utility light supplier!

2014 racing starts off great for MR2’s!

Yellow 79 at VIR South
Yellow 79 at VIR South
2014 has started off awesome for MR2s in endurance racing.
December 2013 saw Racing Strong finishing 3rd in the ice bowl championship on the Patriot Course at VIR in Virginia. 10 hours of racing in the ice and rain was incredibly fun with our yellow 3MZ v6 powered MR2.
So to start 2014 we headed to Road Atlanta in late February along with Team Biohazard MR2 owned by Troy Truglio to race for 14 hours. We started out pretty good getting into 5nd, and then fell back to 88th place when Racing Strong driver and 2013 Ohio SCCA Driver of the Year (MK1 MR2 D-Production)  Mike Helm lost the right front tie rod on the 1991 MR2 braking into turn 10A. He made it back into the pits where we set out to fix it. Found out the tie rod was frozen on the rack side. So when I would align the wheels it basically unscrewed itself. Lesson learned. We got the car back out on the track in about 19 minutes after reinstalling the rod, and doing a quick alignment.
All the time this is happening Troy and his team in the 3MZ V6 powered Biohazard MR2 take the race lead.
We battle back and get back into the low 30s, but at the 12 hour mark I get a radio call that the car broke. Gene says he thinks the transaxle let go. Tow truck gets back to the pit and we immediately see that the tire is no longer connected to the car, it is sitting up in the wheel well. The Timken Camry hub broke in two at the flange, and then the axle tip broke from the stress.
Troy and his team ends up winning the first race of 2014 in his badass winged 91 V6 MR2. We load up and head home to figure out why the axle broke.
After a few emails to different people, Timkin emails me and basically says that the Camry hub broke due to stress that it was not designed to take. So I picked some 1998 turbo uprights with hubs off a MR2OC member and installed those.
So we head down to Virginia International Raceway near Danville, Virginia for the ChumpCar 12-hour endurance race.
I have Gene Bird owner of Zipline Welding Booms and Mike Helm driving for me. Troy is there with his MR2. He has a new driver, and he is also testing out a few new things.
We start the race pretty well in 8th and work our way into the top 5. A few times we take the lead. I am really concentrating on learning and trying out new “race craft”, trying to time pit stops and getting our pit stops done so we spend no more than 5-minutes total in the pit. We have minimum 5-minute pit stop rules. Safety thing. So I have my 13-year old son Ian sitting on the stopwatch letting us know exactly how we are doing as we fuel and swap drivers and cool suit ice. It is working great.
Troy has some issues, one of his drivers hits something and the left front strut breaks. He also had some ECU issues that were fixed with a quick ECU swap. But he was basically out of contention early. But he was still fast as hell when he was out there.
On the second to last stint Gene takes over and is doing well. He is in 2nd and a big rain comes. The third place car is an Acura Legend V6 and he is very close to catching us.I was pulling faster laps than Gene, so we made a decision to pull him in 20 minutes early when a local yellow popped up. I hopped in, we added 15 gallons of high test fuel, and I headed out on a wet track. Really really NOT fun in the MR2!
I kept us in 2nd until the 3rd place car passed me. I had a very big issue with third gear. It worked sometimes. Under hard braking it may be there, or it may not. And third is a very important gear on the South Course! Troy was coaching me over the radio letting me know where the Acura was.When he passed me, I basically gave up. Save the car and settle for 3rd and a podium. He basically called out my manhood at that moment. I agreed, balls out. 1st or last. That is why we race. I caught back up to the Acura and we both came up on slower traffic. I am really good in traffic. I was able to get past him and boxed him and then sneak in between two cars on Oak Tree leaving him stuck behind me. I then put down the fastest lap I have ever down on VIR South. 01:25.976. What is wild is that I did that in traffic!
We ended up finishing 2nd overall. My best finish racing this yellow V6 powered MR2 over the past 3 years.
Great video of the Acura chasing me down at the end of the race.
Inside the V6 MR2 with Mike Helm driving. Mike set our fastest lap at 01:25.157.
Our next race is at Watkins Glen May 23 – 25 for three races, 6 hour, 12-hour and a 6-hour. We are bringing spare engines! lol. Come join us if you want to see some great racing!

NHTSA Toyota MR2 Crash Test Results

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 4.25.47 PM

I know you just want to see the data! You will need to have a PDF reader installed to view these. 

1985 Toyota MR2

1987 Toyota MR2

1991 Toyota MR2 N/A

1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo


How to build a MK1.22 5SFE powered 1985-1989 MR2

How to build a quick and dirty MK1.22 5SFE powered MK1 AW11 MR2

Remove engine latch and latch mounting sheet metal on chassis. this gets in the way. Use hood pins to hold lid in place.
No need to cut battery box out. Keep battery right there. Move later if you want. we see no performance gains in real life. maybe on the internet, but not in real life.
use a 93+ 5sfe with the 93+ S54 5-speed that goes with the engine. Better setup than 90-92 5SFE. But if that is what you have then use it.
Use a Rav4 3sfe exhaust manifold. – lighter and actually more power and it last. cheap too.
hack together an air box or do what I did with a good K&N filter. makes pre-made mounts that you weld in. I did not use the jig, I just placed the engine in where I wanted it. mounted the side mounts to the engine, then tacked them in place. Pulled engine and welded to frame. painted.
I used the Speed-Source front mount and welded up a rear mount using the speed source chassis side for the rear.
Get a Celica 3sgte alternator mount as this moves the alt to the exhaust side and up high. Unless you want to notch a hole in the rear trunk and frame to fit it down low. I just hacked a hole.
stock MR2 1990-1995 5SFE N/A axles fit the transaxle and the MK1 hubs.
Replace electrical speedo sender with mechanical off of earlier S54.
Stock 4age fuel pump works fine. You can upgrade if you want to either 5SFE replacement. I suggest people do that so they know they are getting a good pump.
send 5SFE injectors to for cleaning.
use stock 1990 to 1995 MK2 5sfe fuel lines. The connect up to the AW11 filter and tank return. Replace fuel filter. Charcoal canister from the AW11 works fine as well.
Wiring is really easy. Call David Hawkins to come out and do it for you. Kidding. Use the Paul Woods MK1.5 wiring diagram. 1/2 the wires in that are not used as the 5SFE is really a simple ECU.
have your radiator professionally cleaned. use a new stock MK2 5sfe MR2 engine side hoses. that is the fun part, just slice and dice to make it all fit.
I use a 90s Corolla over flow.
Use the MK2 coolant fill tube and cap.
change oil pump, water pump, cam belt, clutch before putting the engine back in.
Use the MK1.5 SpeedSource clutch hose.

that is it. should take 3 to 4 days to do the swap, maybe 5 or 6 if you have to borrow a socket set. seriously. If you can’t, then please go back to changing air filters on hondahs