May 26, 2020

AW11 TRD Engine/Suspension Prep Guide

From the email list August 1986

Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 16:41:38 -0800
From: (Marion McCristall)
Subject: MK1 MR2 and TRD

When I purchased my new engine (4AGE) from a guy who used to Race Corolla
GTS he gave me a TRD engine/suspension prep guide for the AW11 MR2. I
believe it is from the old TRD catalog aroud 1990 maybe ?? It gives a brief
history of the MR2 and the 4AGE as well as the 4AGZE.

        The Catalog rates the MR2 in the various SCCA classes never giving
it less than an "A" grade this being if all drivers were equal. It has a
vehicle preparation section which lists mods in two phases. The first phase
is titled Street performance. This section says 


        Results: Slight decrease in ride quality, improved handling,
                 improved brakind 10-15 hp increase.

        TRD Springs
        TRD Adjustable Swaybars
        TRD Low pressure gas strut inserts
        TRD Brake pads
        TRD Brake line kit (drain and install ford type fluid)
        TRD Header and Exhaust System
        High Flow Air filter
        Recalibrate fuel injection system      (See Engine Preparation Section)

        Reset alignment:

        Camber Front: -1 degree
        Camber Rear : -1   "

        Caster      : +6   "

        Toe in Front: 1/16 in.
        Toe in rear : 1/8  in.

           (Dependent upon class restrictions)

        RESULTS: Decrease in ride quality (lowers ride height 1.5-2 in.),
                 dramatically improved handling, improved braking.

        Instead of phase one equipment:

        TRD High pressure gas stuts
        TRD Springs

        Reset Alignment:

        Camber Front: -2 degrees
        Camber Rear : -1 1/2 degrees

        Caster      : +6 degrees

        Toe in front: 1/16 in. ( 1/8 in. out for auto cross)
        Toe in rear : 1/8  in. ( 1/16 in. out for auto cross)

All phase one Modifications, Plus:

        TRD Urethane Bushings
        "   Front and Rear strut tower braces
        "   Negative camber blocks
        "   Front and Rear adjustable camber kits
        "   Engine Modifications ( see Engine Modifications section)
        "   Light weight fly wheel
        "   Heavy Duty Clutch 
        "   LSD
        "   Performance Ratio Ring and pinion Set
        "   Close ratio transmission gear set

I've got the part numbers for all those goodies listed above but I don't
know if there still avalible or what they cost

        Section 3.3     (Summary)

Engine Components: 4AG

        "The bottom end of the 4AG has proven extremely reliable in all
types of performance applications, and the stock connecting rods and
crankshaft will withstand up to 170 hp and 8000 rpm. For applications where
higher hp or rpm are desired, Carillo rods, our TRD billet crankshaft and
dry sump lubrication is required."

        "The original fuel injection system is capable of delivering
suffucient fuel to support 140hp with only minor adjustments (see engine
preperation section). Engines that develop over 170 hp will require larger
injector nozzles."

4AG Engine Recommendations

Phase One: Street Performance

        Results: Although there are no internal engine modifications, this
phase is no emmisions legal. Modifications cause no reduction in low speed
drivability and there is a 15-20% hp increase over a usable power range
from 3000-6500 rpm.

        TRD Exhaust header and high flow exhaust
        Recalibration of fuel injection system (see engine preperation section)
        TRD Spark plug wire Set
        TRD Adjustable camshaft gears

Phase Two: Street Performance, Rally, Road Race

        Results: With no internal modifications or decrease in drivability,
there is a increase of 25-30% hp increase over a usable power range of
3000-8000 rpm.

        TRD Exhaust header and high flow exhaust
        Recalibration of fuel injection system (see engine preperation section)
        TRD Spark plug wire Set
        TRD Adjustable camshaft gears
        TRD Camshafts (272 duration intake 272 duration exhaust 7.5mm lift)

Phases 3-5 require internal modifications

4AGZ vs. 4AGE internal differences.

Strengthened block
Dished forged pistons
Connecting rod journal diameter increased from 40mm - 42mm
Piston pin diameter increased from 18mm - 20mm

This Catalog also has listings for:

Fuel injection modification kits (the second kit includes a potentiometer
and wiring required to adjust the injector pulse.) , 

12 different cams with lift from 7.5mm - 10.7mm

Short blocks with 12.7:1 compression ratios

Oil pump gear set (high volume for stock pump)
Oil pan baffles(for stock pan) 

2 flywheels

As well as the aforementioned suspension pieces.

One question for all of you modders out there does anyone out there have
the Engine preperaton section with the fuel injection recalibraton section

Sorry for taking up so much space Ithught this might be of intrest to the
other Mk1 owners.  Any questions on part #'s email me directly. This wasn't
the whole catalog just the parts that I thought would be applicable to this
mailing list.

                                        Dave McCristall 
                                        Vancouver Canada

Telephone 604 533-4098 
Fax  604 533-7998                     

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