May 26, 2020

MR2 GTv6

1991 Toyota MR2
5S-FE 2.2 Liter, Automatic 4-speed
Swapped to a
3MZ-FE 3.3 Liter V6, E153 5-speed manual

more to follow

#79 1991 Toyota MR2 GTv6 Racing Record – If the track name has a hyperlink then that links to images from that race weekend.

Overall PlaceDateEventTrackMyLapsReason
33rd12/02/20187-HourVIR – NorthRecordLeft rear crash damage. Broke axle.
40th12/01/20188-HourVIR – NorthRecordEngine mount failure.
20th07/28/201824-HourUtahRecordCV Joint failure. Fuel pump clogged.
58th12/03/201616-HourVIR – NorthRecordTransmission failed, Hub failed.
32nd10/01/20167-HourPIR (Pitt)RecordTransmission output shaft failure.
51st10/02/20167-HourPIR (Pit)RecordTransmission failure.
2nd07/30/201614-HourCharlotteRecord2x coils failed. Lost 3 gears. Had 9 lap lead.
1st06/18/20167-HourNCMRecordLost 4th gear. 1st overall win.
3rd06/17/20167-HourNCMRecordBrake issues. Fueling mistake.
6th05/28/20167-HourWatkins GlenRecordPerfect Race.
76th05/27/20167-HourWatkins GlenRecordBroke trans, crash broke the front suspension.
25th04/25/20168-HourMid-OhioRecordLed race until the last two hours, Hub Broke.
46th04/05/201612-HourVIR SouthRecordElectrical issues. Hub failure.
49th02/06/201614-HourRoad AtlantaRecordTurn 7 crash. Rear suspension broke.
11th12/02/201514-HourLaguna SecaRecordBS black flag for sound.
30th10/03/201514-HourPIR (Pitt)RecordLost hubs and lots of suspension part failures.
80th09/26/201514-HourSebringRecordTransaxle exploded all over the place.
1st – Tie07/03/20156x 1-HoursCharlotteRecordPoints race. 1 failed CV.
14th05/24/20157-HourWatkins GlenRecordLeft rear crash with Miata.
64th05/23/20157-HourWatkins GlenRecordEngine mount broke, breaking trans case.
15th05/22/20154-HourWatkins GlenRecordFront ball joint failure. Shifter cable failed.
44th3/28/201512-HourVIR – SouthRecordHubs and ball joint failures.
13th02/07/201514-HourRoad AtlantaRecordCrash with team car. Don’t crash your team car.
16th12/06/201412-HourVIR – NorthRecordCrash T1 with SRI BMW
26th10/18/20147-HourRoad AmericaRecordLeft rear hub failure into Canada Corner.
47th10/17/20147-HourRoad AmericaRecordRight rear CV failure took out trans too.
4th09/20/201414-HourSebringRecordShifter cable sleeve broke.
20th08/09/201424-HourVIR – GrandRecordLeft front hub flange failure
2nd06/21/20144-HourSummit PointRecordSpin lost the race. Lost 3rd gear.
33rd06/20/201410-HourSummit PointRecordRight front hub flange separation.
36th05/25/20146-HourWatkins GlenRecordSpin and crash. Rear diff failed.
29th05/24/20148-HourWatkins GlenRecordCrash. Transmission failed.
72nd05/23/20146-HourWatkins GlenRecordCrash. Blew radiator hose.
2nd03/29/201412-HourVIR – SouthRecordPerfect.
55th02/08/201414-HourRoad AtlantaRecordLeft rear wheel bearing & hub failed
3rd12/07/201314-HourVIR – PatriotRecordPerfect.
55th09/28/201314-HourSebringRecordLeft rear out CV failed.
6th07/13/201314-HourNelson LedgesRecordCrash at the start, front ball joint failure.
50th06/15/20137-HourSummit PointRecordWater pump failed.
73rd04/05/20137-HourWatkins GlenRecordCrash. Tore nose off.
60th02/09/201314-HourRoad AtlantaRecordBroken transaxle. 3MX V6 first race.
24th10/06/201225-HourNelson LedgesRecordOil line damages. 1MZ V6 engine failure.
67th08/11/201224-HourVIR – GrandRecordCrash into the Hog Pen inside wall. Bill hurt.
102nd06/16/20127-HourSummit PointRecordCooling system malfunction.
87th5/27/201214-HourDaytonaRecord1st race. Fuel system failed.
23,764.55 miles raced by the 1991 Toyota MR2 GTv6.

VIR Images

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