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Racing Strong has been endurance racing Toyota MR2s since 2009. With almost 40 endurance races completed in ChumpCar and 24 Hours of Lemans, RSm drives to race clean and strong!

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Drivers for 2015 are:

  • Bill Strong, Virginia,  Owner, Driver and Mechanic
  • Mike Helm, Ohio, Driver, Mechanic
  • Gene Bird, Pennsylvania, Driver
  • Brandon Bird, Pennsylvania, Driver
  • Troy Truglio, Virginia, Driver, Mechanic
  • Tommy Guttmann, Canada, Driver
  • Rick Fon, Canada, Driver
  • Rob Brunner, Canada, Driver


  • Ian Strong, Virginia, Crew Chief, and THE mechanic
  • Kevan , Florida, Fuel and Fire
  • Robert Canody, Virginia, Fuel and Fire
  • Justin Benjamin NY, Fuel and Fire, Mechanic
  • Tony Cespedes, Georgia, Fuel, Fire and Mechanic

#79 RSm GTv6 MR2 at Road Atlanta 2016

2016 ChumpCar Schedule:

  • February – Road Atlanta 14-hour
  • March – VIR South 12-hour
  • April – Mid-Ohio 8-Hour
  • May – Daytona ChumpCar Board Of Directors Meeting (Working)
  • May – Watkins Glen 7.5+7.5 Hour
  • June – National Corvette Museum Track 7+7
  • July – Charlotte Roval 6+8
  • August – VIR 24-Hour (Working)
  • October – Pittsburgh 7+7
  • December – VIR Chumpionship – 14-Hour
  • December New Years Eve – Sebring 14-Hour

Cars –

  • Toyota MR2 GTv6 #79  ChumpCar Class C
  • Toyota MR2/GR #179  ChumpCar Class C’ish

Contact – Bill Strong, Racing Strong Motorsports, Nelson County, Virginia, 434-996-6721

Want to profile your company with a fast, clean running and well known team? Contact RSm for sponsorship and marketing opportunities. One race or One season!

Want to drive for RSm?  Our seats are usually sold out for the year as we plan our races around available drivers. But sometimes we need that one fast guy to finish off the team for a certain event. We do require all drivers to own and wear a head and neck device, and we require at least MR2 or Porsche 911 wheel to wheel racing experience due to the handling complexity of racing the RSm MR2. Hint… the car wants to kill you whenever you think you have a handle on it and relax. Mid-engine racers will know what we are talking about. If you meet the above criteria, email your racing resume to


Zipline Welding Booms Fusion Pit Lighting System at work in the RSM Zipline McKibbins MR2GTv6 and McKibbins Biohazard MR2 pit stall at Road Atlanta 14-Hour race Feb 2015.

For more information about the Zipline Fusion Pit Lighting System contact:

Bird Manufacturing and Design, LLC
51 Station St. · Johnstown, PA 15905
Phone: (814)288-6464 · Fax: (814)288-4455

Zipline Fusion Pit Lighting
Zipline Fusion Pit lighting in use at the 2016 ChumpCar World Series Road Atlanta 14-hour race.


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