May 26, 2020

Toystar MR2 Day 11

The Toystar’s first start video.

July 8, 2004. This was the first start of the famous V8 MR2 “Toystar”. I got kind of excited after I shut the key off. My daughter shut the camera off too soon, so I sound like a chicken. visit for more on the world’s first V8 MK1 MR2. The video was made with an old Sony floppy disk camera.

Below is the walk-around video. We had the car running for about a week. Now it was time to get the brakes sorted so I could take it out on the road. But…
We had an opportunity to buy a house in Nelson County. So that took priority. Over the next 6 months in 2005 all my time was spent working on getting our old home ready to sell and once that was quickly sold, gutting our new to us home and making it as my wife wanted it.
Then we starting doing HPDE with my newly acquired MK2 MR2, The Hell Freezes Over MR2.

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