May 26, 2020

Toyota MR2 aftermarket wheel studs and specs

The FAQ is only to be used as a guide. Always use the best quality stud you can buy. Today the best quality stud is made by ARP. Another manufacturer, Dorman, supply studs to your local auto parts stores and to online shops like Rockauto. Please be aware that the “import market” and eBay are being swamped with inferior studs made overseas. These cheap studs can break unexpectedly creating a very dangerous situation.
Studs should be inspected on a regular basis. They should be closely inspected at any high speed event, like a track day, autoX or drag race. Physically remove the wheel and inspect the stud. Galled, corroded or stripped studs should be removed and replaced.
Always press the new stud in straight. Use a press or a wheel stud installer (i.e. Kastar 938 Wheel Stud Installer Kit – around USA $50.00). Using wheel nuts to “pull” the stud into place can over‐stress the stud and weaken it. Do not over torque the stud when installing wheels. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on proper torque technique.

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